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Caminos del Quetzal


Guatemala, Country of the Eternal Spring, is a located country in the northern Central America. The country has countless places of interest for the visitor and a very special atmosphere that invites you to visit during the whole year.


Guatemala has within its territory flora and fauna, Mayan Archaeological Sites, Spanish Colonial Towns, modern and cosmopiltan cities and a variety of climates from the cold and wet of the highlands to the dry heat of the east.


The country is divided on 7 touristical regions:


Guatemala, Modern and Colonial: where we combine the cosmopolitan capital and the colonial past of Antigua Guatemala (UNESCO Cultural Heritage). Its main attractions are: Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala.



Highlands - Living Maya Culture: region of extraordinary and natural beauty and cultural richness. This region offers many opportunities to interact with the Living Maya Culture. Its main attractions are: Lake Atitlàn, Quetzaltenango. Tecpan Guatemala and Chichicastenango.


Peten - Adventure in the Mayan World: in this region can be found in its whole splendor the greatness of the Mayan Civilization.l There are numerous archaeological sites sourranded by abundant nature. The region is considered as one of the natural lungs of the world due the large amount of forest land and its unique flora and fauna. In Peten can combine archaeological visits with jungle walks and contact with local populations. Among the places of interest in this region are: Tikal, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, Dos Pilas, Mirador, Flores. From Peten you can travel without a problem to Belize and Cancun on the east border and to Palenque on the west border.


Izabal - A Green Caribbean: combines an exuberant natural beauty with the warmth and the originality of the Garifuna culture. Also you can include in your visit the archaeological site of Quirigua, along the Motagua River. From Izabal you can continue your journey to / or from Peten and /or Honduras or travel by boat to Belize. Its more important places are: Rio Dulce, Livingstone, Bahía de Amatique and Quirigua.Castillo


The Verapaces - Natural Paradise: has a variety of climates and life zones due t their different altitudes. There are large areas of coffee and cardamom plantations. Also a lot of rivers, caves and lagoons. Its main attractions are Lachua Lagoon, Candelaria Caves, Lanquìn Caves and Semuc Champey.


Pacific - Exotic y Diverse: its main attraction are the black sand beaches, and small archaeological sites like Takalik Abaj and El Baul. This area is the home of the parks Xetulul and Xocomil and its famous IRTRA Hostals.


The East - Mystical and Natural: warm, dry area that combines religous beliefs in Esquipulas with recreatinoal parks and volcanoes. This area is the exit to visit the archaeological site of Copan.


Caminos del Quetzal is a new option, young, refreshing. With staff with more than 8 years of expreience in the Guatemalan Tourist market. We offer a cheerful treathment because our mission is to make you feel comfortable in your journey through Guatemala and find in Guatemala not only one or two but a huge amount of new friends.


Each month, we present a different destination for you to know a little more about the history of Guatemala. These destination will be also with offers to this place so you can travel to visit this destinations. Please visit our section Destination of the Monthfor more details. Here are the destinatios of each month


January: Lago de Atitlàn

February: Chichicastenango

March: Guatemala

April: Antigua Guatemala

May: Tikal

June: Peten

July: Verapaces

August: Caribe

September: Quetzaltenango

October: Pacific

November: Copan

December: Mundo Maya


We also want to offer you Central America. Please click on the links to each country to get more information on tours or hotels.




El Salvador


Costa Rica


We hope your next trip to Guatemala will be an unforgettable experience..........


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